9 ways to keep busy during Lockdown 2.0

No matter what your circumstances were in the first national lockdown, I think we can all admit that staying inside wasn’t as easy as it sounds. Since Lockdown 2 was announced, I’ve reflected quite a lot on the first lockdown and how I found it. Honestly, when people ask me how felt about it, my reply was always “yeah, lockdown was alright for me.” Don’t get me wrong, some aspects of it were quite difficult but on the whole, it wasn’t bad at all. That being said, it’s important to understand that everyone’s situation is different and for many, lockdown brought a lot of financial and mental hardships. If this was the case for you and you’re not feeling great about going into lockdown again on Thursday, here are nine things you can to make the next four weeks a little more bearable…

Try a fitness challenge

Please don’t hate me for starting with something fitness related. In the first lockdown I actually started running. I’ve never been one for running outside so it was a real shock to the system. Me and my partner followed the Couch to 5k app which was incredible. Walking and running really helped me in lockdown, especially because I spent most of my days glued to my laptop.

Enrol in an online course

This is something I actually tried in the first lockdown but I got really busy so didn’t end up sticking to it! Lots of institutions started offering free online courses and I’m sure they will in this lockdown too. If you’ve got a thirst for knowledge, it’s definitely worth having a Google and seeing what’s out there. I’ve heard really good things about Skillshare so that might be worth checking out.

Make a dent in your reading list

I actually did this one! I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s guilty of buying new books when they’ve already got a leaning stack of brand new paperbacks that they still need to get through. If this sounds like you then it might be time to actually start working your way through them. I highly recommend opening a Goodreads account if you want to keep track of how much you’ve read. You can also set yourself reading challenges too.

Bake something other than banana bread

And no, adding chocolate chips to your perfected banana bread recipe isn’t good enough! Baking is one of the things that really help me in the first lockdown. There are so many free recipes available online and on social media if you don’t know where to start.

Declutter and reorganise your home and living space

Seeing as you’re going to be spending a lot of time at home, you may as well make your space a little cosier. Start with filing your receipts, clean outing your desk and listing anything you no longer wear on eBay.

Put your Christmas decorations up early

Hear me out… I’m usually the first one to tell everyone to wait until December to get their tree out but honestly, if Christmas fills you with that much joy then don’t be scared to get excited and decorate earlier this year.

Take up an instrument

If you’ve been promising yourself for years that you’ll start music lessons then now. Is. The. Time. Pretty much every single music tutor out there will be offering Zoom lessons over lockdown so you don’t have any excuse. Who doesn’t love learning new skills without even having to leave the house?

Learn how to actually take care of your plants

If your house plants are always dying on you then it might be time to stop aimlessly buying new ones from IKEA and start doing a bit of plant-mum research instead. Stop drowning your plants, people!

Find some new podcasts to listen to

If you can’t dedicate yourself to sitting down and reading, podcasts are a brilliant alternative. Plus, you can have one on in the background while you work is a nice change from listening to the same Spotify playlist over and over again.

Whatever your situation is in the next lockdown, just remember there’s no pressure to overachieve and be productive the entire time. If all you manage to do is catch up with your Netflix watch list then that’s ok too! The most important thing you can do over the next month is stay safe and look after yourself.

As always, thank you for reading!

Feel free to leave your own lockdown ideas below too.

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Courteney x

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