21 thoughts on “7 simple ways to get more views on your Instagram stories

  1. I haven’t been using Instagram lately because my account keeps getting suspended! It is so frustrating to be accused of using a 3rd party app to get likes and followers when I do not even know such things exist! I will try to start being active again. Maybe that restriction won’t appear ever again. I will take your tips to heart too.

  2. Thanks for these. I’ll come back here when I now focus on my IG account. In the future! Excited for it. More power to yours (Y)

  3. These are great tips. I honestly have not been using Instagram Stories until recently and I had no idea there was an option to add hashtags! I will have to try that now. Thank you.

  4. Thanks for these tips! I need to start tagging brands more regularly. Sometimes I’ll forget about it not realizing that it could be increasing my chances of being reposted on their own pages.

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