6 ways to keep your audience interested on social media

The social media game is changing and creators and brands are always looking for new ways to stand out from their competitors. With this in mind, here are some simple ways you can polish your social media strategy and keep your audience engaged online…

Start a Facebook group

If you’re using social media for your business then you should already have a Facebook business page. But, have you thought about starting a Facebook group for your business?

A group will add value to your brand by giving your followers the opportunity to join and interact with other people that are interested in your brand. By bringing like-minded people together in one group, you’ll be able to start discussions and share content on a more personal level. For example, if you’re a social media agency, consider starting a Facebook group to give your followers access to social media resources and ideas.

Run giveaways

Not only are giveaways and competitions a good way to attract new followers, but they’re an easy way to keep your existing audience interested. Something as simple as giving away a gift voucher or a meal for two will encourage your followers to interact with you.

Thinking of running a giveaway? Try asking your followers to tag a friend to win whatever you’re giving away or get them to share your post for a chance to win.

Avoiding over-using content

Sharing the same content over and over again is tiring. Nobody wants to read or watch the thing over and over again. What’s the point in gaining new followers if you’re only boring them with your content?

To stop yourself from over-using content, bear in mind that there might be a competitor out there producing fresher, higher quality content than you. To keep up with them and to surpass them, you need to be uploading the most engaging content. You’ll never do that by re-sharing the same pictures and videos or by using the same, monotonous captions. Before putting something into your posting schedule, ask yourself: “Will my followers want to see this?

Ask questions

Interacting with you audience can simple start with running a poll on Facebook, Twitter or your Instagram story. Giving your audience an opportunity to reply is the perfect way to get them to interact with you. If you’re a restaurant, ask your audience what their favourite cocktail is. If you’re a salon, ask them what colour their next mani’s going to be. If you’re a car garage, ask them if they’ve booked their next MOT. Your questions can be used for market research purposes or for just a bit of fun – it’s completely up to you.


It’s no secret that videos are engaging but if you’re not live streaming once in a while then you could be missing a major social media opportunity. Lots of social media agencies and platforms are claiming live video to be the most engaging form of online content this year.

By incorporating Facebook and Instagram livestreams into your social media strategy, you’re able to engage with your audience on a more personal and instantaneous level. Because these live streams happen in real-time, people often feel that by not watching them they’ll be missing out. Take advantage of FOMO and start going live more often – your engagement will thank you.

Add personality to your brand

Social media isn’t all about building a professional, corporate brand image. It’s about finding out what your target audience wants and tailoring your tone of voice and content to their desires. Don’t be afraid to tell jokes, take advantage of memes or simply have fun with your captions and content. Showing your audience a little humour lets them know that there are actual people behind your brand and will encourage them to react to the content you’re publishing.

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