5 easy ways to support local businesses on social media

Hi everyone,

The other day I was thinking about something. When it comes to supporting local businesses, we spend most of our time talking about “shopping local”. Whilst it’s better to shop local where you can, there are other ways that you can support small businesses online.

By doing these really simple things, you’re giving your local businesses a better chance at building their reputation in the community and ultimately getting more customers through the door. So, here are just a few easy and free ways that you can support local businesses on social media.

Recommend, recommend, recommend

If you see someone asking for a brunch recommendation in a local Facebook group or if someone is asking for the best place to get a dress altered on their Instagram story, send them a suggestion. They might end up pursuing your recommendation.

Like, comment and share

Without sounding like Alfie Deyes, it goes without saying that one of the most basic ways you can support a small business is to engage with what they’re posting, whether that be in the form of a like, comment or share. If you’re not used to commenting on social media posts – don’t panic. If your local car garage posts on Facebook, there’s nothing stopping you from commenting “Thanks again for fixing my brakes!” or whatever it is that the garage last did to your car. This way, their followers and your friends will see that people are engaging with their page and it might mean that they bare the garage in mind for when their own car has problems.

A little tag goes along way

If you’re posting your coffee on your Instagram coffee and tagging the location of the cafe you’re at then you’re already doing a pretty good job. However, it would be even better if you tag in the cafe’s actual account too. This way, they’ll see your post and they’ll be able to share in onto their own story too. Not only will this give them content to upload but it will encourage their followers and customers take pics and boomerangs of their coffees too.

Also, whoever views your story will be able to click onto the cafe’s tag and check out their Instagram too. This way, they can have a scroll through some of the food they sell, see whereabouts the cafe is and have a browse of their menu too. After all, no one can go to a cafe they don’t know exists.

Don’t forget to leave a review

Nowadays you can leave reviews everywhere. If you’re too shy to post about somewhere you’ve been or a product you’ve used then a good place to start is by leaving a review, there are ways you can support businesses anonymously. Whether you want to leave one on Google, Facebook or TripAdivsor, it could really help a business out. Leaving photos alongside your review is also a bonus.

Think about all the times you’ve researched a restaurant and immediately stalked their reviews. People want to know that the restaurant they’re planning on visiting won’t give them food poisoning, is within their budget, serves a variety of dishes and has a nice atmosphere, right? The only way they can find that out is via a personal recommendation or… REVIEWS.

So, next time you go out for dinner make sure you make the effort to support that restaurant by leaving a review.

ASK for recommendations

Whether you need a new tyre for your car, your kitchen tap’s broken or you need help submitting your tax return – there’s a small business or freelancer for everything. Before asking Google, try asking your friends online for recommendations instead. Wouldn’t you rather give your time and money to a local business? Investing in businesses in your area is only ever a good thing for your local economy.

As always, thank you for reading!

Let me know if you have any other things to add to this list.

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Bye for now,

Courteney x

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