Let’s talk about… LinkedIn

If you’ve been to uni then you’ve probably had the LinkedIn conversation. You’ve probably been told to connect with your lecturers so that after you’ve graduated they can see whether or not you’re putting your degree to good use. If you haven’t jumped on to LinkedIn before – it’s basically a more professional Facebook.

Here are five ways that you can use LinkedIn to your advantage…

Keeping on top of trends

A lot of the time I find news and updates about social media on LinkedIn before I’ve seen anything on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Because there are so many experts from every industry constantly publishing articles and updates about emerging trends, you’re always bound to stumble across at least one piece of useful information when you log on.

Job hunting

Whether you’ve just graduated from uni, looking for a career change or simply exploring job opportunities, you shouldn’t just be relying on Indeed to get you by. Don’t get me wrong – Indeed, Reed and all of the other job hunting websites are good but you can always dig a little deeper with LinkedIn.

Just like all of the job sites, you can search and apply for jobs. However, it’s much easier to filter your search by company, location, role and industry. You can also switch on a little feature on your profile to let recruiters and employers know that you’re either actively looking for jobs or considering new opportunities. This way, they know that you’re open to being contacted about available roles. LinkedIn is quite well known for being a playground recruitment agencies and head hunters.

Expanding your team

One for the employers. If your business is quickly expanding and your current team are already spreading themselves too thin then it might be time to grow your team. Whether you’re looking for people with years of experience, uni graduates or maybe even interns – looking on LinkedIn is a great starting point. If you’ve stumbled across someone you think would bring new skills and thinking to your team then it’s worth giving them a message to find out if they’re either looking to take on more work or if they’re looking for a new job completely. A simple message could be the beginning of your next hire.

Connecting with like minded people

Sometimes you might have questions about your industry, a technical issue, or a new role you’ve just started that your Twitter followers can’t answer for you. Or, you might just want to connect with people that share the same interests as you. Searching and connecting with people who work in the same position or industry as you will help you start those conversations.

Doing your research

There might come a time where you need to do some research on a company. Let’s say that you’re a freelancer and you’ve been asked to do some contract work for a company you haven’t heard of. A quick search on LinkedIn will tell you what the company does, who works for them and how established they are. If you need to contact industry professionals directly it’s very likely that you’ll find them on this platform. A lot of the interviews I had to do for my dissertation at uni came from looking people up on LinkedIn.

As always, thank you for reading!

Let me know if you’ve used LinkedIn before and how you use it.

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53 thoughts on “Let’s talk about… LinkedIn

  1. LinkedIn can be such an incredibly useful resource for people. I used it for a while for job hunting, and now I utilize it to find and keep in touch professionally with potential (and past) clients.

  2. I never know how I feel about LinkedIn. I use it sometimes and then sometimes I just never post anything on it. This was a good post – I may need to use it more!

  3. yes yes yes ! i def know all about Linkedin having a few friends working at the company ha i just never thought to add this to it!

  4. I’ve just started using LinkedIn lately and I didn’t even realize I could be using them for more things than I am. I can see how they’d be great for research and connecting on my end to help with my business needs.

  5. i think Linkedin is a really resourceful and interesting network to be used as a professional tool. Apart from news, interesting articles and potential colleagues, it’s a great way to see what companies are up to.


  6. I always hear about LinkedIn but I haven’t ever tried it yet. I should! I think I signed up years ago because I still get alerts, but I don’t do anything with it.

  7. I’m not a Linkdin fan but I know it’s a great tool! Thanks for sharing. I wish I can do a better use of this network.

  8. LinkedIn is a great social media platform that gives you a professional space among so many like-minded people. If you use it properly you can make real professional connections, even I got my first client from LinkedIn only.
    Try to keep your LinkedIn profile complete and clearly state what you do.
    Thank you for sharing this post, I will definitely be get more benefits after reading this

  9. Thank you for this, I may have to put a little more effort into Linked In. I have a profile, but I’m never sure how random people will feel about me trying to connect with them, even if we have a connection in common. Also, I wish more quality employers would reach out to me on there! I’ve only ever had scam jobs contact me. Regardless, nice article, and a good reminder to get back on there and try again.

  10. I like linkedin even though it is blocked in my country I have to be creative to still use it.

  11. This is really interesting. I have to admit I have a linkedin account but I probably don’t use it quite right and definitely don’t tap into it’s potential.

  12. I really like LinkedIn. It’s a great way to stay in touch with other professionals (especially when you are in a consulting position and travel a lot). I’ve also been able to connect with professionals that I’ve lost touch after 15 years!

  13. I too have a LinkedIn profile and didn’t know the platform is so useful, beside jus hunting job. It is also a place to do research and connect with like-minded people.

  14. Both LinkdIn and Reddit are a mystery to me. I haven’t used them but I see them talked about all the time. Thanks for clearing up one of them! I’m going to peruse LinkIn myself now.

  15. Such a great and very informative post. This can be very helpful in managing your linkedin account.

  16. I love Linkedln it’s so professional & you get to stay in touch with ex colleagues via a professional way ! Xx

  17. My oldest uses it diligently. I’m not a huge fan, but I did have an old friend get in touch with me once and that was cool.

  18. I haven’t used linkedin in forever. I have a profile but, never saw a lot of use for it until now!

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