All the brunch spots, a couple of flower walls and yet another spa day| February 2019

Short and sweet. And full of flowers. That’s how I’d sum up February. I’m not sure why but this month has been full of spontaneity- maybe it was the weather? Speaking of which, I felt so divided when we had that week of good weather. Although it was nice to leave the house without a coat, three scarves and seven blankets, I couldn’t help but feel guilty that it was warm in February. That’s a whole different subject though.

Anyway, here’s February’s highlight reel…

All the brunch

First of all, let’s talk about Drunch. On the way back from a work meeting in central, we found this little cafe in Mayfair. It’s not everyday you walk past a giant purple bear, is it?

We didn’t end up eating here which is a bit of a shame but I’m sure I’ll go back one day.

My new favourite tea spot goes to Starfish Loves Coffee in Palmers Green, north London. It’s got everything I want in a cafe: plants, quirky flooring and a great selection of tea. It’s a relatively small place so it can fill up quite quickly but when you get a good table it’s worth it.



If you read my 2019 Bucket List post then you’ll already know that one of my goals for this year was to book a massage. It sounds so silly but having never been for one before – I was curious. I found Beauty Lounge 21 on the Treatwell app and it’s safe to say I’m impressed. I searched for quite a while until I finally found the place I was going to book, there are so many different offers, treatments and locations which makes it hard to choose. I didn’t actually know this at the time but my massage therapist actually lives on the road next to mine. What a small world.

Anyway, I ended up booking a standard neck, back and shoulders massage. As this was a completely new experience for me I didn’t want it to be too intense or too long for my poor back. I already want to book my next one.

Beauty and Melody Spa

For my boyfriend’s birthday we went to the Beauty and Melody Spa. It’s a lovely little spa located in the Montcalm Royal London House hotel in Finsbury Square. We ate apples and drank prosecco and steamed our stresses away.

It’s quite a small spa but the pools, sauna and steam room were really good. We went on a Sunday evening so it was really quiet too – for the most part there was only two other people in the spa apart from us.


As always, thank you for reading!

Here’s to more spa days, more massages and even more brunches in 2019.

Ways you can reach me:

Bye for now,

Courteney x

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