Coming home for Christmas | December 2018

What a month it’s been. Every year I always get particularly busy around December and this month was no different. So, I thought I’d summarise some of the best bits from the past month before I have a bath and get ready to count down to the New Year in my onesie.

Here are a few things that happened this month…

A family visit

My mum, brothers and sister came to London for a couple of days at the beginning of the month. One of the places we went to was Camden, which has always been one of my favourite areas in London. We walked through the market, had a drink by the canal and ate as much as we could along the way. Our food crawl including some Chinese food, homemade brownies and blondies from a nice Canadian man and a doughnut the size of my sister’s head.

Winter Wonderland

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a little trip to Winter Wonderland, would it? I didn’t go ice skating this year but I think I probably ate too much to put skates on anyway. I actually ate a giant hotdog (with cheese in the middle – as if I’m not lactose intolerant…), a couple of Nutella churros and a Ferrero Rocher hot chocolate. So yeah, I ate pretty well that day. Despite walking away empty handed after losing every game I played (apparently my hand-eye co-ordination isn’t as good as I thought it was?), we did go on a ride which made up for it. I love a good Mouse Trap.


Coming home for Christmas

My favourite time of year is the day I get to go to Paddington station, jump on a 5 hour train and get back to Cornwall for Christmas.

There’s nothing better than having a couple of weeks in the sticks with limited signal and no responsibilities other than getting dressed every so often to go to the shops. To be fair though, I have actually done quite a lot at home this year, including: going to the cinema, going shopping, spending hours on a jigsaw puzzle and playing approximately 485 games of Monopoly. Not forgetting the amount of festive food I’ve been eating. I have been to the gym a couple of times to try and balance it all out though.

Finishing my tax return

Yay! It’s been looming over my head for a while now and I’ve had a few reminders from HMRC over the past few months to submit my tax return and this morning I finally got it out of the way. It was my first tax return since becoming self-employed so I’m going to put that down as an achievement. I only asked my mum for help three times too.

As always, thank you for reading!

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