The best things about Christmas

“It’s beginning to look a look like Christmas,” I sing for the 5839th time already in the past few weeks.

But seriously, it’s officially the best time of year. Everyone’s eating, singing and avoiding work to their heart’s content because let’s face it – it’s Christmas!

Here are the best things about the festive season – in my opinion anyway…

Cracking open the first tub of Celebrations

There are few things I love more than opening a box of Celebrations and slowly making my way through them whilst I watch cheesy Christmas film after Christmas film. The only one you won’t catch me eating is Bounty. Ew. 


Just all of it. Turkey. Cranberry sauce. Homemade mince pies. Celebrations. Yorkshire puddings. GRAVY. Crispy roast potatoes by the dozen. Mash. Sprouts. Pigs in Blankets. Figgy pudding. Selection boxes. 

Festive pyjamas

I’m sorry but why are Christmas pyjamas so much comfier than ordinary, run-of-the-mill, all-year-round pyjamas? Either it’s all one big Christmas illusion or the shops only bring out their finest fabrics for the festive season.

Camden Christmas Wreath

The sales

Without Christmas there wouldn’t be any January sales, amirite? I’m not one to wake up at the crack of dawn on Boxing Day to fight my way through the high street but I always have a look to see what I can find online. ‘Tis the season of discount codes, fa, la, la, la, laaa, la, la, la, la. (I know it’s not the same but I think you get the jist).  

No number of hot chocolates is ever too many

You know that Christmas is just around the corner when all the coffee shops start bringing out their festive drinks menus. There’s nothing I love more than working my way through all the Christmas hot chocolates. 

Nobody cares

Is it just me or does nobody care about anything in December? There are few things in the world that can’t be justified by “Oh well, it’s Christmas” and for that, I am truly thankful. Want to lay on the sofa watching Elf on repeat for 4 days? You can! It’s Christmas. If you need me I’ll be hibernating in all of the “it’s Christmas” gloriousness. 

As always, thank you for reading!

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12 thoughts on “The best things about Christmas

  1. So I have to ask several questions.
    1) For those of us in the States…what the hell is a box of Celebrations? I have no idea…I can only imagine its a box of some sort of moose crunch type popcorn thing
    2) Do people really eat Figgy Pudding anymore or at all? Figs are that one fruit that in cookies always tastes good to me but otherwise my taste buds are always really confused and not happy when I try them.

    As for the “People Don’t Care” idea…it think that is 100% spot on. I mean I have seen people walk around in the most bizarre clothing of wild red and green colors singing like crazy loons and I just smile and give them a mental pass that they its just the Christmas Spirit and they don’t belong in a mental hospital!

    1. Good questions!
      1) A box of Celebrations is a box of assorted mini chocolates including Maltesers, Galaxy, Mars, Snickers etc. It’s basically like heaven in a tub.
      2) I can’t speak for everyone but I’m still very much aboard the figgy pudding bandwagon!

      Haha, it really ‘tis the season of “I don’t care about anything because it’s Christmas”!

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