5 Tips for Finding an Internship

Hello again,

I’ve just finished doing a social media internship for uni and thought I’d write something to help people that might be interested in looking for internships or work experience. These are a few of the things I did to find mine – hopefully at least one of you find this helpful…

Set up Indeed

I always use Indeed to apply for jobs and internships because it just seems to be where most of them are listed. Your recent searches save so you don’t have to keep creating new searches. Also, there’s an option to save the an internship for later so you don’t have to apply as soon as you find one that suits you. Afterwards, you can put the internship in the ‘applied’ section and can then move it to ‘interviewing’ or ‘offered’ depending on your success!  You’ll be able to apply for a lot of internships within the site but sometimes you’ll be directed to other sites, such as Internwise, which gives you access to loads more internships. The thing I like most about Indeed is that you can save your CV to the site. This means that you can literally just click ‘apply’ more some internships which makes the process so much quicker.

Build your contacts

Make a list of companies you’d be interested in interning for and contact them. Even if they haven’t advertised an internship online, it’s worth phoning or emailing them to ask if you can do some work experience with them. Showing an interest in working for someone for free makes you look really keen to learn and gain experience so it betters your chances. If they don’t have any room for you right now, keep them in mind still. They might be taking on in the future and may remember you.


Say yes

When I first started looking for an internship I hesitated from applying to a lot that I saw because I didn’t feel like I was experienced enough because I hadn’t had a job in the industry or finished my degree yet. This attitude will only hold you back. Internships are about gaining experiencing and learning about the industry you want to work in. You don’t have to walk into an internship as an expert.

Don’t be picky

Everyone has their dream job role or dream employer in mind but it may not be possible to walk straight into an internship with that company. Obviously if you have the chance to, apply for the internships that are perfect for your interests and abilities. However, don’t be afraid to go a little out of your comfort zone. For example, most of what I study at uni is based around writing news stories. Instead of taking an internship in a newsroom, I started one involving social media and blogging. Sometimes it’s good to do something different. Also, it you only apply for the ‘perfect’ internships, you’re limiting the amount of applications you can make which obviously limits your chances of actually getting an internship.

Be proactive

Applying for three internships and then forgetting all about your search for a few weeks won’t do you any good. When I was applying I checked my searches daily so I could save the applications that I wanted to make and then actually apply for them within a day or two. Applying regularly will increase your chances of someone getting back to you. If you keep forgetting to look for internships then you’ll miss opportunities because the vacancies will be filled. Just be aware that hundreds of other students might be applying for the same internship – you’ve got competition!

As always, thank you for reading.

Let me know if you have any tips for finding an internship/a job etc…

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Courteney x

34 thoughts on “5 Tips for Finding an Internship

  1. These are some great tips, and I think they go for applying for jobs after internship too! Even when you don’t think you’re qualified just apply! Its crazy how many calls I’ve gotten just because I put myself out there.

  2. I’ve been thinking of applying for an internship this fall for my last year in high school, these are perfect tips!

  3. Great tips for anyone looking for an internship. I completely agree with using Indeed – I’ve been using it so much recently to try and find myself a new job. You’re so right about not being picky, sometimes you have to do a range of things to find out what you enjoy doing and you’ll gain so many skills from a range of jobs, placements and internships.


  4. These are great tips. Often times,landing an internship can be just as difficult as getting a job! I agree with you, I think if you get an internship (as long as it is in your field) you shouldn’t be picky!

  5. These are great tips. I’m looking for a job at the moment and internships are constantly coming up on Indeed but I worry that they’ll laugh at me as I’m too old 😦

  6. I love Indeed for finding work. I have actually been very successful with CraigsList as well, believe it or not. When I was looking for an interior design internship, I enlisted the help of some friends who knew people in the business. They helped me form contacts to get my very first internship.

  7. These are some great tips that I wish I had when I was in High School/College. I can definitely agree with you on the fact about applying to something even if you don’t think you are completely qualified. This is actually how I got the job I have now!

  8. These are brilliant tips, thank you for sharing them Courteney! I’ve never had an internship – I’ve always found just paid jobs ever since being 16 – when I was at uni I used to do online translations and interpretation services which I think has really helped me with what I’m doing right now! x

  9. I’m planning on taking an Internship course next year. I’m excited but also very nervous to start looking into applying (you’re not supposed to apply until you’re accepted into the course), but these are some good tips that I’ll utilize when the time comes!

  10. Some really great tips, thanks for sharing! You’re so right, you should definitely apply for a range of things and shouldn’t worry about experience, companies will decide who fits the bill the best 🙂

  11. As a military wife who could barely handle her busy schedule I am truly glad I came across your post. This tips are aso helpful and informative. It will be a big help to those looking for internships. Worth sharing!

  12. This is so helpful.. I will definitely be keeping all of these tips in mind for the near future! You have such a lovely little blog here, you should be so proud of all your hard work! x


  13. Building your contacts and networking is really important when it comes to looking for an internship. It can be such a rewarding experience.

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