8 Things This Year Taught Me | 2016

Hello again,

I thought it would be nice to look back on the things that I’ve learnt this year. Some are serious, some are more lighthearted – either way, I’ve learnt a lot. Hopefully I’ll look back on this post in years to come and remember how many life lessons 2016 gave me.

Jacket potatoes can be cooked in the microwave

This is something I learnt from the other students I live with. Stab your potato all over and cook for 4 minutes on each side.

Golf is HARD

…but I’m getting much better at it. I’m not even talking about proper golf by the way. I’m talking about the type of golf where you just hit golf balls into the distance as hard as you can.

Soya milk tastes a lot better than normal milk

Drinking ordinary milk now makes me feel sick – that’s something I never thought I’d say.

Using a phone case doesn’t make your phone clean

When I took my phone case off a few months ago after having it on for a long long time, I realised that it doesn’t protect your phone from dirt.

Chocolate biscuits should be eaten in moderation

Something I struggle with but definitely understand. However, I will be going into 2017 full of willingness to consume fewer biscuits.

Green tea isn’t disgusting

I love matcha and I love green tea. Who’d have thought?

Never leave your bag unattended

…or out of your sight for that matter. Paris taught me this one.

It is actually possible to ice skate without falling over

I didn’t actually know I was capable of this. However, me and Cem went ice skating twice and didn’t fall over once.

As always, thanks for reading.

Let me know something that you learned this year, or just laugh at me for not knowing how to cook a jacket potato…

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Bye for now,

Courteney x


33 thoughts on “8 Things This Year Taught Me | 2016

    1. I didn’t want to make it overly personal or deep so I thought I’d go for a more lighthearted haha 🙂 I can’t believe I made it to 2016 without trying green tea – it’s so nice!

      1. I loved it. I think we many times forget about the little lessons and those matter too! I’m a big tea drinker but I usually go for an English Black tea, Green tea is a nice change up. I had Blood Orange tea for the first time last year, that’s pretty good too!

  1. Lots of great life lessons here – and some biggies! Like, dont ever leave your bag unattended. Girl – yikes. And, keep up on the ice-skating. Its too fun to not be a part of this time of year!

  2. Your brave for trying golf, I’m refusing!! You make me want to try soya milk, I’ve been wanting an alternative but have been too chicken. Chocolate biscuits are amazing

  3. I did a post like this and completely missed the most important lesson of the year… Since I got a clear case phone case I’m all to aware that it doesn’t protect against dirt – great post! 😂❤️

  4. Great tip about the potatoes! I’m going to have to try this. But I never figured that a cell phone case would keep your phone clean. I thought the point was to protect it from breaking. LOL!

  5. It’s so good to reflect on the past year, I feel it makes way for you to learn more during the new one! Soya milk was also a discovery of mine during this year, I just love it! Also, I learned that being happy is always more important than what your family thinks of you, but I’m still trying to make this work for me. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love this! Oh man I learned my lesson on the whole phone case thing too! I took mine off and was so disgusted! Eeew! It was super dirty!

  7. Great list! I tried ice skating for the first time a few years ago and was surprised that I didn’t fall over constantly. I do need to be more careful about leaving my bag unattended even for a second though.

  8. Lol, golf is hard. I applaud you for learning more about the game. There aren’t enough women in the game of golf when I see it on television.

  9. I like the idea of this post. I do feel like this year has been the MOST learning for me in terms of life, blogging and relationships. I don’t know that I could write as articulate a post as you did here since I’ve learned so much, and it all sort of blends together haha! xx Adaleta Avdic

  10. I am a huge tea drinker, but for some reason have always disliked green tea (I don’t know if I’ve ever even tried it!). Maybe I’ll try it out this year 🙂 Thanks for sharing the great lessons you’ve learned!

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