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Whether you’re a start-up business or a newbie blogger, the thought of having to generate traffic to your website can be quite daunting. Here is a bit of advice about how to deal with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram if you want to ‘get your name out there’.


On Facebook there are so many blogging communities such as Bloggers Get Social and Bloggers Worldwide that you can join. They allow you to share your blog and discover other blogs too.

If you have the money to do so, you can also advertise with Facebook to get your name out there. You can choose the maximum amount you’re willing to spend on your ads and target them at specific people i.e. people who you think will be interested in your site. If you’re not sure how to use Facebook to grow your social media presence, social media agencies like Tekfirst in Harrogate can be approached, which serves clients all over the UK.

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There are so many blogging communties that you can join on Twitter. Most of them host chats at least once a week which allows everyone involved to share their blog link with others afterwards. I’ve found some of my favourite bloggers by looking through the threads of these chats and joining in when I can! I’ve seen so many chats for different topics: beauty, books, mental health – there’s too many to list but there’s something there for everyone.Tweet_ballonicon2.svg.png

If you don’t wait to pay for Twitter ads to boost your engagement, a lot of bloggers offer their own advertising packages. This involves them mentioning you on their Twitter profile, RTing your Tweets and even placing a link to your blog on their blog. This is a nice alternative to advertising as you’re also helping a fellow blogger earn a living, rather than your money going to Twitter.


I use my Instagram story to tell my followers when I’ve posted a new blog post. I find it so much more effective than using my Snapchat story as I have a lot more followers on Instagram. You can inform people that you have a new post up on your blog and encourage them to go and visit your website. Using an image based platform like Instagram is useful for driving traffic to your website as an image can spark interest, whereas a simple link to your site won’t.instagram-1581266_960_720.jpgAs always, thank you for reading.

Let me know if you’ve got any tips for growing your online presence…

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54 thoughts on “How To Increase Your Website Engagement | AD

  1. Loving all of your tips. I try to utilize Twitter and Facebook as much as possible. They definitely help when you use them actively.

  2. These tips are definitely helpful! Related to what you said about Instagram stories, I have been following lots of bloggers on snapchat but now that I am starting I don’t think I will even bother with Snapchat anymore, Insta stories will instantly reach many more people! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Carlota |

  3. Great tips! Facebook has helped me the most. I am a part of so many amazing groups of bloggers on Facebook that have helped increase my engagement and my reach through various channels.

  4. These are great tips! I especially enjoyed reading about how to use Instagram to promote your blog. I struggle a bit finding the best way to utilize IG as a promotional platform so this was great information!

  5. I had Snapchat but ever since I got a new phone in June, I completely didn’t bother, so I was completely happy when Instagram brought out their Stories feature! Besides, I think IG is so much more interactive.

    I have yet to tap into Facebook for blogging purposes!

  6. I tend to use the Facebook a lot, I’m slowly using my twitter and Instagram more to get traffic on my blog. Thank you for this tips.

  7. Great ideas and tips! I love some of the Facebook communities that I am a part of and am so glad that I have joined!

  8. Such great tips. I utilize blogger groups the most on Facebook and instagram. Pinterest is also a HUGE way to get traffic to your blogs!

  9. I use Facebook and Instgram, but I’ve never gotten into Twitter. I do post to it, but that’s it. I really should work on it 2017!

  10. I love using all social to help engagement on my blog. I find twitter for me is the best way to do that and gain exposure. It’s a really great tool.

  11. I started doing an instagram hop with somebody other bloggers and it’s been a huge way to boost my followers and engagement.

  12. I use Facebook only because I do not want to spend too much time online than I already am. I guess if blogging was your only occupation to earn a living, you would have to invest more time and money into it.

    1. Exactly! Also if your blog is a sort of diary for yourself and you’re not worried about how many readers you have then it isn’t necessary to be on every social media platform 🙂 thanks for commenting!

  13. These are some great tips for maximizing on engagement and exposure. It’s important to have as much organic interaction as possible.

      1. No worries! I am a uni student too and your blog will benefit me as well! I don’t know how you found me but I am glad you found me and followed me because your blog looks useful! 😀

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