6 Ways I’m Saving My Dry, Damaged Hair

Hello again,

As someone with naturally dry hair I’ve tried quite a lot of products and tips to save my hair from becoming brittle and damaged. My hair colour is also dyed and I’ve recently started using a lot of heat on my hair so I’m now giving my hair a little more TLC.

Giving the heat a rest

Since I had my hair dyed from platinum blonde to a more natural colour, I’ve been trying to use less heat on it. I still blow dry my hair nearly every time I was it because I’m in a rush for uni but I’ve been trying to curl it less and less.

Using heat protection

My Aussie Miracle Recharge Leave-in Conditioner Spray (what a mouthful) is an aboslute God send. It smells like fresh fruit and stops my hair dryer from frying my hair. What more could a girl want in a heat protectant spray? Also, £4.99 is a small price to pay when you think of how much use the product will give you and how much you put your hair through. If you constantly blow dry, straighten and curl your hair, you should defiitely invest in a heat protectant spray. If you’re looking for a slightly cheaper alternative, this Vo5 one is also a winner, especially for those of you with curly hair.


Regular haircuts 

I regularly cut my hair myself because I know that I’ll only be disappointed by going to the hairdressers and getting 5 inches cut off when I only asked for 1 inch to be taken off. I hate looking at my hair and realising that the ends probably died months ago.

Sorting out the frizz

The John Frieda Frizz Ease is my best friend. I’ve been using it for as long as I can remember. All I do is spread two pumps of the serum into my hair as soon as I get out of the shower. It makes my curls more defined and stops my hair from turning into an uncontrollable, frizzy mess.



Saying no to brushing

I used to brush my hair every time I got out of the shower. I know it’s bad to brush your hair when it’s wet but my hair was so matted and tangled after I had it dyed in the hairdressers. Now, I comb my fingers through my hair in the shower when I’ve got conditioner on. After, I put Frizz Ease in my hair and use my Aussie spray and gently comb them in with my fingers again.

Saying yes to combing

Even if I’m blow drying it I don’t feel the need to brush it. Sometimes on the day I don’t wash my hair I’ll use a thick comb to untangle it but I’ve completely stopped using a brush.



As always, thanks for reading.

Let me know if you have any hair saviour tips or product recommendations…

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33 thoughts on “6 Ways I’m Saving My Dry, Damaged Hair

  1. For me, dryness isn’t really an issue – it’s the natural curls. I get keratin treatments which is super good for my hair and keeps it strong and healthy AND gets rid of the curls.

  2. My daughter has really curly hair and we always use a comb while her hair is still wet to help with getting through it, never a brush! I can only imagine how much that would hurt (both of you!)

  3. Another hand up here for dry hair! Strangely my hair was awesome when we were in Hawaii, the humidity helped. But now we’re back I’ve been using a hair serum by marakesh that’s awesome!

  4. I just bought some spray to protect my hair during drying. My hair is pretty dry too and I also hot iron it so I know I need to protect it more than I have in the past.

  5. This is definitely a must read for me! I bleached my hair for almost ten years, and I’m a huge fan of styling tools. Damage is definitely something I’ve had to deal with. Frizz Eaze is my everyday go to product and I’ve switched to using a comb more than a brush. Great tips!

  6. I definitely agree with giving the heat a rest–I only put heat on my hair about once a year! Just recently came around to the value of regular trims. I was slacking.

  7. You cut your hair yourself?!?!? How do you get the back even?? That would TERRIFY ME! You go girl! I love my curling iron though – I know it’s bad but it’s my favorite way to wear my hair and the “no heat” options just don’t work!

    1. I’m sure it just always seem to work out! Haha. I love curling my hair too. Everyone else seems to be finding no heat alternatives to curl hair but I’ve never found any that work 😦

  8. I need to check these products. Curly hair and dry are the combination that a bit difficult to handle. You’re right though, never use brush to brush wet curly hair, instead using a comb will help much.

  9. It’s winter, so for me that means my hair dries out, just like my skin. I need to try these tips. I recently bought a comb because my daughter and I have fine hair and I think it has made a difference for us.

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