6 People You’ll Definitely Meet In The Gym

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Since I started going to the gym regularly I’ve become quite aware of the other people that also go to my gym and how cliche a lot of them are. Just in case you’ve never stepped inside a gym, here are a few examples of the fine specimen that you would encounter if you signed up.

The selfie-taker

I don’t think I’ll ever understand the people that go to the gym to spend a good 20 minutes taking pictures of themselves before they actually start exercising. If you didn’t already know: if you didn’t Snapchat it then it didn’t happen. Shove your hair up into a pineapple and get on with it.

On a creepier note. I once saw a man taking pictures of me. He was on a cross trainer a few feet away from me and I could see him taking a video of me on Snapchat. I was so shocked I didn’t say anything but just moved to the other side of the gym because I felt uncomfortable near him. Ew.

The self-confessed fitness expert

I’m sure everyone has met this Mr Know It All. This is the person that prowls around the gym looking for poor exercise novices to educate. Although giving people tips and advice can be friendly and often helpful, there are a lot of people who just enjoy showing off in front of others. Is it just me that goes to the gym with the intention of speaking to absolutely no one? OK, maybe I’m just antisocial…

The JEANS wearer

I’m not saying that you have to spend loads of money on new gym clothes as soon as you join but surely there’s something more appropriate in your wardrobe than JEANS.

The over-friendly stranger

This is the person that thinks it’s acceptable to work out on the machine next to you when there are 20 other machines free. If that’s not bad enough, some people even feel the need to talk to you. Once I was on the cross trainer and a man started singing to me. I tried so hard to ignore him but eventually just went to the other side of the gym in the hope he wasn’t looking to be my friend.

Another time, a man was sat in the reception area of our gym and started asking me what I was working on. I told him and then proceeded to walk through the gym. He followed me and asked if he could train with me. I politely declined.

The enthusiast

This is my favourite person! In my gym there’s always someone dancing by themselves on a machine. It’s so funny to see them so into their workout that they’re putting on a performance for everyone else in the gym.

The fit couple

Because there’s nothing more adorable than watching two people partaking in an adorable couples workout. I always imagine them merrily informing their single friends that “couples who lift together stay together”.

The person that would rather be anywhere else than at the gym

Maybe they’ve had a bad day or maybe they just don’t feel in their element when they’re sweating profusely in a room full of other people who are also sweating profusely. This person should try home workouts.

Thanks for reading!

Let me know if you’ve got any funny or embarrassing gym stories – I could always use a laugh…

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41 thoughts on “6 People You’ll Definitely Meet In The Gym

  1. HAH too true! My gym has a “no selfie zone” sign on every mirror in the bathroom because people were violating locker room policies. Like really you couldn’t wait to take your selfie outside the locker room!?

  2. OMG. This is SO true!!! As for that guy taking a video of you? Heck no. I would have gone right over and held out my hand telling him to give me the phone. LOL. Yes I’m such a mom LOL.

  3. I don’t go to the gym, but I follow people on Instagram…oh the selfie gym photos….Why? Like, yay for you going to the gym, but please spare me, I see a photo everyday of you at the gym. And oh, that is creepy about the guy!!

  4. haha i am not a gym person, they kinda freak me out. I have never understood the selfie takers either though. I guess if there are no selfies the workout didn’t count

  5. How funny is this! And oh so true!!!! I stopped going to the gym long ago because I just couldn’t deal with people like this anymore LOL!

  6. Hahaha we are definitely trying to be the fit couple although I pretty much fail all the time. I’ve never seen a jeans person there (YET!) but I have seen the rest. The worst one is the creepy PT that touches girls backs on spinning bikes and the PT that points out you’re doing things wrong. I hate that. x

  7. As a military wife who could barely handle her busy schedule I am truly glad I came across your entertaining post. Nice list of people who you can definitely meet at the gym! I love the selfie taker and can also relate sometimes haha.

  8. You want to laugh? When I was in my early days of college I think, I decided to go to the gym in jeans!!! Like I was so silly to do that and I realized how stupid it was then, you cant work out in jeans properly. I was really young (and super skinny I didnt even need to work out) but yeah jeans isnt smart.

  9. This post made me laugh. I’ve never seen the selfie taker or the jean wearer, but I have definitely encountered. I’ve also been the workout couple, but hopefully not the annoying kind. I used to workout away from my boyfriend for the most part because I couldn’t help but laugh when he would look at himself while lifting weights.

  10. Ha! It’s been a while since I last went to the gym as I prefer working out at home where it’s more peaceful and quiet. I don’t like it when strangers come up to me feeling like it’s okay to strike up a conversation.

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