7 University Organisation Tips

Hello again,

Seeing as everyone seems to have returned to their studies I thought I’d share some of the things that I do to attempt to be more organised for uni.

I’m sure there’s loads of things that I’ve forgotten but, for now, these are my tips…

Keep handouts in one folder

At home I like to keep handouts that I don’t need to take into uni with me all in one folder. I have dividers in this folder so I can separate the papers for each of my modules and they don’t get mixed up. This just makes it easier to find notes that you mind need in the future and it also means you don’t have to carry loads of loose papers in all of your notebooks.

Keep a diary

If I didn’t write down deadlines for assignments or for homework I would 100% forget everything. In my diary I write down which class I have on each day every single week so I can clearly see which piece of homework is due in for which module. Also, I try to write very specific things in my diary such as writing down a specific chapter I need to read instead of just writing “do reading”. This just saves time looking for the chapter later on and getting confused about which one I need to read.

Have a separate book for each module

I’ve noticed that a lot of students just have one book for all of their modules. This does seem a lot more convenient as you won’t have to remember to keep taking a different book every day. However, I prefer to keep a labelled book for each module so I don’t confuse my notes. Having one book per module means that you don’t have to flick through loads of notes about your other modules when you just want to find your notes for one module. Also, labelling these books will make your life a lot easier.

Plan at the beginning of each week

I have a desk planner where I can write lists for the week as well as a little note about what I need to do on each day. Having this on my desk all the time stops me from forgetting really specific things that I might forget if they were in my diary, such as food I’m going to buy from the shop. It’s also really satisfying to cross things off of a list.

Summarise what you read

Boy is this important. There’s nothing more frustrating that actually doing the prepared reading and forgetting all about what you’ve read when you have to talk about the chapter in the lesson. I always make a few notes to summarise what I’ve read so I’ve got a bit of a chance of actually retaining the information.

Make your notes colourful

I always feel like a child when I sit highlighting or underlining all of my notes but it actually helps me. If I read back through my notes and they weren’t colourful then I probably wouldn’t even read them properly. Every time I write something in a notebook I’ll always at least make the effort to highlight every new header or title. I also like to do this in my diary so deadlines and important details stand out to me.

Make your bed 

Whenever I make my bed as soon as I wake up I’m never tempted to get back in bed. Instead, I sit at my desk and do my work. If I’m on my laptop in bed then there’s a 100% that I’ll be doing anything else other than doing my uni work.

Thanks for reading!

Let me know if you have any other organisation tips…

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Bye for now,

Courteney x

6 thoughts on “7 University Organisation Tips

  1. These are great tips and I do most of these things myself – they really help keep me organised. Need to start adding more colour to my work though!

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