5 Tips To Save Your Problematic Skin

Hello again,

Recently my friend asked me what I’ve been doing to clear up my skin. At last, someone noticed that my poor skin is improving. To paint a picture, my skin is typically dry and has some slight scarring from acne I’ve had in the past. Some of the time my skin isn’t on its best behaviour and I get spots but it’s nothing to wail about.

This got me thinking not about the products I’ve been using but about the efforts I make to take special care of my skin, and in particular my face. So, I’ve compiled a list of tips that I follow to keep my skin healthy and in good order.

Clean your makeup brushes properly and regularly

When I was watching Sam Chapman, co-creator of Real Techniques, on YouTube I heard her say that you should wash your makeup brushes once per week. I’ll confess that I definitely don’t wash my makeup brushes this often, but I do try to wash them a lot more than I used to. Note to self: make more of an effort.

Remove ALL of your makeup before going to bed

This is so important. If I so much as take a two hour nap whilst I’m still wearing makeup then I’ll wake up with huge red spots on my face. I’ve heard that this isn’t the case for everyone but it’s still hygenic to make the effort to cleanse your face before you go to bed. If you don’t thoroughly clean your face before you go to bed then then makeup will build up on your pillow which will become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Say goodbye to makeup wipes

Makeup wipes don’t remove all of your makeup. You’re lying to yourself if they thing you do. Also, for a lot of people they can be an irritant on your skin if they’re scented or not soft enough. They don’t clean your face and will never replace a good old fashion cleansing polish or liquid makeup remover. So, if you really feel the need to use makeup wipes, at least clean your face properly after. Unless you’ve just come in from a night out and are at risk from drowning yourself in the sink, then you’re allowed to use makeup wipes just this once.

Don’t apply makeup to a dirty face

It’s probably a no-brainer to tell people to wash their face when they wake up but just in case people don’t, here is your friendly reminder. Your face needs to be cleanse because you slap makeup onto it.

Wash your bed sheets regularly 

Remember what I said earlier about your pillow being a bacterial breeding ground? Well, change your bedding regularly just to make sure you’re not sleeping on last week’s makeup.

Thanks for reading!

Let me know your tips and tricks to getting clearer skin. Any product recommendations are also welcome…

3 thoughts on “5 Tips To Save Your Problematic Skin

  1. I’m so bad at cleaning my make up brushes, they’re lucky if they get done once a year never mind once a week! I also need to make more effort :’) Great post!

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