5 Things I Don’t Have Time For

Hello again,

Today I’m giving you the pleasure of hearing me moan about all of the things that I most definitely don’t have time for…

Automated Twitter DMs

You know those annoying “Hi, how are you? Thanks for following me, check out my blog: ______” messages on Twitter? I appreciate that people want to increase their blog exposure but you may as well send me a message saying “I don’t really have an interested in talking to you but I really want to increase my blog stats” – at least then you’d come across as genuine.

Waiting for my hair to dry naturally

I used to always wait for my hair to dry but now I never seem to have the time to. I either was my hair before I go to bed, in which case I don’t want to delay my beauty sleep for the sake of my dripping wet hair, or I was it in the morning before uni, in which case I also don’t have time to waste waiting around for my hair to dry.

People stopping me in the street to sign up to things

Sky and AA, I’m looking at you. If I’m walking quickly then I’m quite possibly late for work and really don’t have time to stop at chat about an internet provider that I don’t need or car insurance that I already have. I know that it’s your job and you need to earn a living, but I don’t like being pressured into talking to someone I don’t know about something I don’t care about.

Getting up when my first alarm goes off

Everyone does this. Why would I get up to the sound of my first alarm when I can get up to the one that goes off 45 minutes later?

People on the tube that think their luggage deserves a seat

Your bag is not a human being so it has no business being on a seat. It’s rush hour and there’s barely room to stand on the tube, so why do you think that your bag has more of a need to rest its legs that an actual, breathing person?

Thanks for reading!

I’d love to hear about the things that you don’t have time for – let’s have a good old moan together.

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Bye for now,

Courteney x

65 thoughts on “5 Things I Don’t Have Time For

  1. I get the bus at 8:30 – total rush hour! And yet people put their bags on seats, or lean their ENTIRE body against the hand rails so nobody else can hold on. ORRR! Those people who see a clearly older person in need of a seat but don’t give up theirs even though they’re sitting in an area clearly labelled “give up this seat for an elderly/pregnant etc. etc person” ARGH! Manners peopleeee!

    /rantover… for now. πŸ˜›


  2. All these points are so on point, haha. I don’t have time for people at the supermarket who hog the freezer/wherever I’m standing. I mean honestly just get your freaking tomatoes and move on. If you see someone standing behind you to get something you could at least move your huge cart to the side. Hahah okay rant over. :p

    1. I HATE waiting for people who are hogging an entire section of a shelf! It’s so annoying when they’re poking each product and can’t decide which one they want. Just move out of the way and decide! Aha, I definitely agree with you on that one πŸ™‚

  3. Haha – yes to those Twitter messages! Whats funny is that they will reply with, “Hey Glam”… when clearly that’s not my name… its Karen (Glam Karen)… so I always smh when those appear. Gah!

  4. I don’t have time for pushy sales people to stop me in the mall as I try to walk by them. Despite avoiding eye contact, having two crazy and looking annoyed they still always try to get me to stop.

  5. Hahaha! Love all of these! I totally agree! Last week I got an email from a PR guy who must have copied and pasted an email he sent to another blogger because he called me Lauren….Sorry not interested.

  6. I agree fully with everything except the alarm. I have a baby and toddler and have no need for an alarm. I sometimes wish I could hit snooze on them though…

  7. Love your post! I also have those ‘no nonesense’ moments when I just say I don’t have time for certain things. One of them are the annoying sales/marketing calls that I get at the office.

  8. I do agree that auto DMs on Twitter are quite annoying! I get so many that I never really have the time to see if I actually received a genuine message. I wish people would stop with the auto DMs and realize that they’re not a good way to gain exposure.

  9. Oh goodness, hahaha. I can relate!! I actually think I may be one with the automatic DM on Twitter! I set it up so long ago (if it’s still running) that I forgot where and how I did it! I don’t use Twitter much unless I have too. The people trying to sale me stuff happens every time I’m in the mall. Our mall is littered with kiosks scattered down every center corridor. Ugh…from flying helicopters, to cell phone cases, belts, brushes, sunglasses…I don’t want your stuff!

  10. Hahaha I can relate to this! Esp the snoozing. I was guilty of snoozing but now I set my alarm 30 mins later and get up at the first alarm. Technically still snoozing but hey shush! I leave my hair to dry naturally 95% of the time, just throw it in a messy bun or ponytail wet.

  11. I love this haha, I agree. I really would love to get up at the first alarm. Thanks for sharing all of these.

  12. I’m not big on the twitter DM’s either…I don’t think I have ever clicked through to see who this person was on instagram/facebook/blog/whatever.

  13. I CANNOT deal with auto DM’s, it definitely turns me off and I have never clicked or been interested. Also the ones that go, “thanks for liking me on Twitter, check me out on FB” I’m like, no, if I want too I will, don’t be greedy hahaha!

  14. I love the one about the alarm! That’s pretty hilarious because I definitely don’t get up to my first one.

  15. I hate pushy salespeople anyway. Whether they are out on the streets or coming door to door, or even on the phone. I don’t want to talk to them anyway. I feel you on that one. Other people may have time to waste like that, but I don’t.

  16. Ha I love this so much! I definitely don’t have time to wake up when my alarm goes off. That’s exactly why I set so many alarms in the morning.

  17. Oh, I hate those Twitter DMs. They are so impersonal. I don’t know why anyone bothers. They also bug me because they train me not to watch them, so what if someone I care about DMs me? Major pain!

  18. Yes, automated Twitter DM’s are so annoying! It’s almost more annoying when people try to hide the fact that they’re automated.

  19. I can relate to so many of these. I seriously dislike those automated DMs on Twitter. They feel so impersonal. I also have no tolerance for people who take forever in lines even when they see there are a bunch of people behind them.

  20. As a military wife who could barely handle her busy schedule I am truly glad I came across your post. I can totally relate to those things that you hate. I also don’t want automated dm’s because they seems to remove the sincerity of interacting with you.

  21. The mall kiosks that try to push perfume samples on you. Those smells are a trigger for my migraines, and I absolutely hate that they insist on pushing them into my face. As for the DM’s, I don’t mind them, I found a few new blogs that way.

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