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Hello again,

After watching the film Brooklyn, starring Saoirse Ronan (The Host), I then found out that it was an adaptation of the novel by Colm Tóibín. Since I loved the film so I figured it would only be fair that I gave to book ago. Right?img_8432

Without ruining the story, I’ll try and give you an a little insight into the book…

Set in the 1950s, the story follows a young Irish girl, Eilis, who moves to Brooklyn, in America, with the dream of working as a qualified book keeper. Shortly after arriving, she meets and forms a relationship with a charming, young Italian man. In short, a tragic turn in events means that Eilis has to choose between the two countries and the people that inhabit them.

Despite being a sucker for the romantic genre, I’m quite tired of predictable, cheesy books that seem to all have similar plots. I found that Brooklyn was a refreshing change from the typical love story as it also explored the love between family and friends, which I think is often ignored in a lot of books. The book also feels a lot more honest and open about the troubles that relationships could face.

Even though I would say that Brooklyn is, above all, a story about love, Tóibín explores the struggles that were waiting for Irish immigrants when they arrived in America. Eilis struggles to adapt to her new life: the people and the place are a long way from all she is used to at home in Ireland…

I would recommend this book for anyone interested in reading about love, culture and history. It’s very easy to read and the storyline is uncomplicated for a lot of time is spent dwelling on Eilis’s thoughts and opinions.

Thank you for reading!

Let me know if you have any reading recommendations for me -I’m always open to suggestions.

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