7 Annoying People You’ll Encounter On The Tube

Hello again,

Since, like most commuters, I always seem to encounter people that haven’t a clue about etiquette or manners when it comes to travelling on the tube. I’m sure that those of you that have used the London Underground before, or any underground for that matter, will have encountered someone that ruined their journey.

People who have no ability to keep to the leftย 

There a signs everyone screaming ‘KEEP TO THE LEFT’. What’s so hard about it? People can’t get past if you’re stood in their way.

People who don’t let you get off of the tube before they get on it

These people catch sight of a free seat and will do literally anything to push past you to win that seat. They are so desperate that they don’t care how big the crowd against them is. They. Will. Win. That. Seat. Little do they know, that cramped seat isn’t worth it – you’ll have much more room if you just stand up.

downloadPeople who will risk being crushed to death just to board a train

There’s no need. The next train will arrive in 4 minutes at the most. If the doors are closing, don’t get yourself trapped in them . Just think about it, if you break an arm then you’ll be even later to your destination than you would if you just waited for the next train…

People who don’t give up seats for people that need them more

These people, in my eyes, are the most inconsiderate of them all. I couldn’t imaginimagese not offering a seat to those less able to stand. I know it’s crowded, you’re tired and you’d rather cut your legs off than stand up for 5 minutes but there is often someone that needs a seat more than you do. In this instance: move.

People that stink out the carriage with smelly food

I know you’re enjoying your foot long tuna Subway sandwich, but please have some consideration for the people sitting around you. We’re underground and there is fresh air, all we can smell is your stinky sandwich.

South_Wimbledon_tube_station_-_1995_Stock_trainPeople who slow everyone down at the ticket barriers

Get your Oyster card out of your pocket/handbag/suitcase/Pokรฉball or wherever you’re keeping it before you decide to stand in front of a barrier that other people could be using. Nobody has time to watch you fumbling around for your card holder. You could have found it when you were on the tube, in the escalator or in the lift.

People who thing that a bag needs a seat more than another human being does

A bag is not a person so it has no right to have a seat to itself. Fair enough if the tube is empty, no one wants to sit down and it’s not inconveniencing anyone. However, when the tube is over-crowded and people are packed in it like sardines, please do not hog a whole seat for your bag. I’m sure it will be fine on the floor.

Thanks for reading!

Let me know your absolute pet hate about using the underground, or travelling in general.

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