5 Places I Want To Visit In London

Hello again,

Before I moved to London, every time I visited I made sure that I acted like a real tourist and went to as many places as time would allow. Since moving here, I haven’t had much time to actually visit the places I’ve wanted to. This is really annoying because I have such an urge to go to places I’ve never been to before. Hopefully, when I go back after the holidays I’ll have more time to explore…


Holland Park

Holland Park looks so tranquil and quiet, definitely a park I would enjoy strolling through. Compromising gardens and woodlands, the park is a massive 54 acres: plenty of room to go for a long walk. What most intrigues me about the park is the two Japanese gardens – the Kyoto Garden and the Fukushima Memorial Garden. I’d love to visit both of those.

The Kyoto Garden

Highgate Cemetery

I originally just wanted to visit Highgate Cemetery just because I knew it was a place of rest for famous figures such as Karl Marx, George Eliot and Christina Rossetti. However, this was before I had seen pictures of it. It wasn’t until The Michalaks vlogged about it on their YouTube channel that I saw how wild and beautiful the cemetery is. It looks like a forest from a fairytale.

The graves of Highgate

The Scoop

I’ve walked past The Scoop more times than I can keep track of, but I’ve never actually had the opportunity to sit there and watch something. I really want to go and watch a film there one day. I wanted to go in October when they were showing Still Alice but I couldn’t make it because I was at uni. Hopefully there’ll be other times when they’re showing good films. I bet it’s nice to sit outdoors under the stars and watch a film, not that you can really see the stars in London.

The Scoop ampitheatre

Columbia Road Flower Market

I love flowers. I love markets. It seems stupid that I don’t visit the Columbia Road Flower Market, doesn’t it? I honestly didn’t know that such a thing existed until I was reading Time Out. From what I can see in the pictures, it looks like I’d really enjoy going there. I might even buy myself some flowers like the romantic fool that I am. Surrounding the market is an abundance of small boutiques, galleries and cafes. Sounds like Courteney heaven.

I think I’ve died and gone to florist heaven
Columbia Road Flower Market

Richmond Park

I’ve read quite a bit online about Richmond park and the things I most want to see are the Isabella Plantation and the herds of deer. The Isabella Plantation is a large area of woodland which was planted in the 1830’s. I think it would be better to walk through the garden in April or May, which is the time that the peak of the evergreen azaleas that surround the ponds and streams. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard Richmond Park mentioned in another Michalak vlog. If they go then it must be pretty fantastic.

The Isabella Plantation
Fun face: 300 Red Deer and 350 fallow deer live in Richmond Park. God, I’m a geek.

Thank you for reading!

Let me know if you have any suggestions for me or if you’ve been to any of the places that I’ve listed…

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