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Today I have something quite different to talk about. I’ve always had a love for reading, I own between 300 and 400 books, but recently I haven’t had the motivation to read anything. I’m going to blame this on how busy I’ve been between having a hectic summer, working too much, moving to London and starting university. However, I still not regret reading all of the books I’ve been buying. My reluctance to read changed when I started reading ‘The Girl on the Train’ by Paula Hawkins, I had very high expectations for this book. I’m going to try and give you my thoughts on this book without revealing too much about the plot. I don’t want to spoil it for you!

I’m actually really sad that I’ve finished it; it’s such an engrossing book.

The chain of events that surrounds the main characters are told from the point of view of three women: Rachel, Anna and Megan. At first, I disliked all of them. I thought they were desperate, selfish and irresponsible. In particular, Rachel (the main character), irritated me. I hated the way she’d ruined her marriage and become so “weak”, as her ex husband describes her.

As the story progresses, Hawkins ensures that the first impressions you have of each character don’t give an accurate representation of who the character is. As I learnt more about these women, I pitied them. I felt incredibly sorry for them. This also made it extremely difficult to work out who the ‘villain’ was. Who do you trust? Who’s telling the truth? No one, it seems.

There are so many emotional and psychological twists and turns that make you hesitant to close the book. I especially like that Hawkins chose to explore devastating issues such as the inability to get pregnant, IVF treatment, love affairs, anxiety, depression, divorce and alcoholism.

Overall, the lies and danger that the characters put themselves through really make the book awfully engaging. I felt like I was right in the middle of their disputes. I would highly recommend this book for anyone that enjoys dramas, thrillers, or even romance.Β Please read it and tell me what you thought about it if you do!

Do you have any more book recommendations for me? I’m looking for more psychological thrillers…

Thank you for reading!

If you’ve read it, let me know what you thought of this book…

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