Exploring London and The Intern Premiere | September 2015

Hello again,

Since I don’t officially start university until this Tuesday, I’ve had a week to explore London and enjoy the sights. So far I’ve been getting to know the area I live in and have managed to go shopping A LOT.However, Monday was a bit more interesting this week…

Hyde Park Corner

I got off the tube at Hyde Park Corner because I originally decided that I was going to go to Speakers Corner; I’ve been told that the debates can be quite eye-opening and interesting. Unfortunately, nobody was there. After that, I decided that I’d walk past Buckingham Palace whilst I decided how I was going to do with my day.

Buckingham Palace

The beauty of the Palace never ceases to amaze me. Standing outside of the tall gates is actually slightly overwhelming, I imagine that’s what the hundreds of people stood around me are also thinking. It’s so grand and posh; I wish I lived there.

St James’ Park

After walking past Buckingham Palace, I decided to walk through St James’ Park, seeing as I’ve never actually bothered to before. What a lovely walk it was. There we so many ducks and elegant swans being fed by passers by and the sunshine allowed people to picnic and read on a blanket on the grass. Even though it was brimming with people it was a very peaceful place to be. From where I was walking I could see the London Eye peeking over a row of trees.


Trafalgar Square

When I’d finished my afternoon stroll I stopped for lunch in Trafalgar Square and decided to walk past the National Portrait Gallery. I do enjoy walking around the gallery but decided that it was probably best to make the most of the hot sun today. I love seeing all of the street performers that cluster on the Square; there was even a man dressed as Yoda. I made sure I put a few pennies on the Union Jack to support the artist that drew it.


Leicester Square

Since I was so close it felt silly not to wander through Leicester Square. I don’t really care for the shops they have there though, they’re a bit too upmarket and pricey for me. However, they did have a H&M. As I was passing through I noticed that some workers were setting up barriers in preparation for the European premiere of the film The Intern. I made a note to come back later if I had time in the hopes of meeting Anne Hathaway. One can dream.

Covent Garden

Covent Garden was extremely busy. People seemed awfully eager to get into the market and drink wine on the balcony. There was also a street performer that had grasped the attention of the majority of the people there. Interestingly, whilst passing, I found SEVENTEEN of the Shaun the Sheep sculptures all in the same place. How strange. I took a picture of every single one.

The River Thames

Seeing as I was in the mood for exploring, it seemed rude not to walk along the River Thames. With this thought, I climbed the stairs of the Waterloo Bridge and took a moment to gasp in the beauty of the whole scene: from the London Eye on my left to Westminster on my right. After that, I spent 20 minutes watching a street performer called Tom. He was incredibly talented and comical in equal measure. He managed to successfully juggle, on a seven foot unicycle, whilst blind-folded, WOW.


The Intern Premiere 

After a short break from walking I decided that I had enough time to walk back to Leicester Square to join the crowds bowing down to the red carpet of The Intern premiere. I stood there for around two hours; I was squashed. In the end it was all worth it as I managed to take a picture of the beautiful Anne Hathaway. Herself and Robert De Niro were very charming in their interviews. What an experience.

Thank you for reading!

I’m definitely thinking of writing more posts about what I get up to in London in the future.

Ways you can reach me:

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Bye for now,

Courteney x

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