Winter Skincare and Haircare Tips and Saviours

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Like a lot of people, I have dry skin and find that my skin gets even worse during the winter months. Although sometimes, no matter how hard I try, there’s no stopping the bitter cold air from drying out my skin, there are some things that I try and do to prevent it.


Surely this is a no-brainer. If your skin is dry then look for some moisturisers and creams that target dry skin especially. That being said, there’s no point in just using any old moisturiser that won’t actually benefit your skin. You could end up buying a moisturiser that is better for oily skin, which would be a waste of time and money. Take the time to read reviews of products before you buy them so you can see how other people with different skin types got on with them.

Most of the body moisturising products I use are from The Body Shop and Soap & Glory. Personally, I think that their products are unbeatable. As well as stopping my skin from drying out, they always smell feminine and make me feel as if my skin actually looks a lot nicer.

Use lip balm

If you can remember to apply lipstick or lipgloss everyday then you have no excuse for not using your Vaseline or Baby Lips. My lips are always chapped and cracked throughout winter so I try and keep a lip balm in every pocket of every coat and bag that I own. Dry lips are so uncomfortable and at times painful so it’s also no good to lather matter lipsticks all over them before you’ve thought to treat the dryness.

I’ve been using the Baby Lips balms ever since they were released and I absolutely love them. As well as softening your lips, most of them are scented and tinted so you don’t have to bother with applying a lip stick over the top. I know a lot of people like ‘Pink Punch’ for this purpose. ‘Peach Kiss’ also doubles up as a lovely nude. I also love the Nivea strawberry lip balm, as well as being moisturising it gives my lips a pretty tint of red.

Use the right hair products 

If you read the different shampoo and conditioner bottles you’ll find that they all have different purposes. It seems obvious but I bet that there are a lot of people that pick up the first bottle they see without bothering to see if it’s right for their hair. My favourite shampoo and conditioner has always been TRESemmé. At the moment I’m using their volume products because my hair has felt lifeless all winter – these products definitely keep my hair looking thick and glossy.

Also, if you have the time, try using a hair mask instead of the old leaving-your-conditioner-in-for-ages-before-washing-it-off trick. Hair masks restore health to your hair by making it feel softer and less brittle. During the winter I have to deeply condition my hair more often than I do in the summer because the cold air always makes my hair feel dried out, which isn’t what people usually want for their mane.

Use an eye cream

This is so important. My face is incredibly dry which makes the area under my eyes dry and itchy too. Every morning after I wash my face I make sure that I use an eye cream which massively improves the feeling of my skin. Also, using eye creams will usually make you look more awake as reduce the puffiness of your eyes. This is ideal if you don’t get a lot of sleep or find yourself developing bags under your eyes as a result of binge watching Netflix all weekend. Give your poor eyes a rest.

I usually use the Soap & Glory Puffy Eye Cream but I’ve just finished my pot so I’m now using the Simple eye cream instead.

Frequently change razors

Writing this seems a little TMI for this sort of post but everyone should be told to use a fresh razor regularly. Using blunt razors will damage your skin, making it more sensitive and sore. By using a new razor your skin will be smoother and less likely to become irritated. The Dollar Shave Club offers monthly plans where you can pay for new razor blades to be delivered to you – ideal if you’re too lazy to go out and get new ones yourself.

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If you have any tips or suggestions for helping my dry winter skin then put them in the comments below because I’m sure I’m due a Superdrug binge any time now…

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